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Aavaran Skin & Hair Clinic is the country's leading skin clinic offering highly trained medical staffs. We pride ourselves on having the regulated treatment approach in a meticulously clinical environment. We offer specialized skin treatments, from mole excisions to anti-ageing injectables, tattoo removals to facial resurfacing, or uses more advanced technology like hair transplant surgery.

All Aavaran's laser technicians have the longest training in the industry and like all treaters in the organisation, operate according to standard medical protocols.

With extremely high customer loyalty and satisfaction scores, Aavaran looks forward to offering even more clients the most effective, yet safe treatments.


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Dr. Rupak Ghimire

Dr. Rupak Ghimire

MBBS, MD & Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon
Dr. Nain Bahadur Mahato

Dr. Nain Bahadur Mahato

MBBS, MS, Fellowship in Rhinoplasty & Facial Plastic Surgery (UK) & ENT+ Rhinoplasty @ Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sangam Rayamajhi

MBBS, Nepal &

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