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Research Journals

  • Surya B. Parajuli. Community report on collection, identification and preservation of flora and fauna of Haraincha VDC ward number 3, Morang, Nepal (2002) Jan N/A
  • Paudel IS, Bhattarat S, Rajamajhi RB, Parajuli SB, Pokharel PK. Postnatal care service utilization among mothers in eastern region of Nepal. Journal of Nobel Medical College Vol.2, No. 2 Issue 4 May-October 2013 page 62-67 View Research Paper on Jan N/A
  • Sailesh Bhattarai, Surya Bahadur Parajuli, Rajan Bikram Rayamajhi, Ishwari Sharma Paudel, Nilambar Jha “Health Seeking Behavior and Utilization of Health Care Services in the Village Development Committees of Ilam District of Nepal” Journal of College of Medical Sciences Nepal, Vol 11, No 2, Apr-Jun 015 page 8-16 View Research Paper on Jan N/A
  • Shah RC, Karki S, Parajuli SB, Bhattarai P, Chowdhary PK. Pharmacovigilance by World Health Organisation Uppsala Monitoring Center Causality Assessment Algorithm in Medicine Ward of Tertiary Care Hospital of New Delhi. BJHS2016; 1(1)1:61-64. View Research Paper on Jan N/A
  • Pokhrel BR, Parajuli SB, Khatiwada S, Adhikari C. Utilization of Maternal Health Care Services in Kihun Village Development Committee of Tanahun District of Nepal. BJHS 2016; 1 (1) 1: 56-60. View Research Paper on Jan N/A
  • KC Heera, Parajuli SB. Dengue Awareness and Practice Among The People Living in Haraincha Village Development Committee of Eastern Nepal. BJHS2016;1(1)1:38-46. View Research Paper on Jan N/A
  • Parajuli SB, KC Heera. Assessment of Known Risk Factors for Dengue Transmission in Haraincha Village Development Committee of Eastern Nepal. BJHS 2016; 1 (1) 1: 3-7. View Research Paper on Jan N/A
  • Ghimire HB, Parajuli P, Parajuli SB, KC Heera. Diabetes Awareness Among Patients Attendants Visiting A Medical College Hospital In Eastern Nepal. BJHS 2017;2(2)3:211-214. Jan N/A
  • Pokharel A, Parajuli P, Parajuli SB. Knowledge Regarding Earthquake Preparedness Among The People of Biratnagar Sub-metropolis of Eastern Nepal. BJHS 2017; 2 (2)3:201-205. Jan N/A
  • Chhetri P, Parajuli SB, Kafle SU. Plagiarism: A New Challenge for Scientific Publication. BJHS 2017, 2(2)3: 148-149. Jan N/A
  • Parajuli SB, Bhattarai S, Sharma IS, Pokharel PK, Rayamajhi RB, KC Heera. Clinico-epidemiological Profile, Health Care Utilisation and Practices Regarding Snake Bite in Hilly Region of Eastern Nepal. BJHS 2017; 2 (2)3; 179-183 Jan N/A
  • Pokhrel AU, Parajuli SB, Acharya A. Prevalence and Associated Factors of Under-nutrition Among Under-five Children of Bharatpur Municipality of Chitwan District, Nepal BJHS 2017;2(3)4 : 266-272. Jan N/A

Awards & Recognitions

  • The Struggle for Health in south Asia: An alternative thinking for solutions (IPHU Course) 22-29 November 2016, Kathmandu, Nepal 1950
  • TSICON 2015 (Toxinology Society of India) 21-24 November, 2015, Kochi, India 1950


  • Nepal Medical Council Speciality Registration-Doctor of Medicine 2009
  • Nepal Medical Association Life Member 2010

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