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9 months ago

i have diagnosed with 9.5 mm kidney stone in CT Scan and having sharp pain daily... as per consultant of suggested for lithotripsy but not available at my location.

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Dr. Sumeet Karna


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Hello Pooja ji, if you are having constant pain the stone may be obstructing the kidney. That means it can be either in pelvic-ureteric junction region or in the ureter. Depending upon the location and stone density, there are different modalities of lithotripsy which includes SWL, URS or RIRS. Find out which one would be best for you by consulting a urologist.

Answered 9 months ago
HD Support Team

Hello. You can visit a nearby health center. If you would like to consult online with the doctor, please go through the link below,

Answered 9 months ago

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