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10 months ago

I'm 19 years old. from last 1 month I can feel my heartbeat Everytime. chest ma yetti beskari heartbeat vayeko jasto feel hunxa .rati sutna Pani dinna. chest Dekhi ghati samma nai pulse feel hunxa.ani different parts ma Pani pulse feel hunxa.kina hola yesto vako?

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Dr. Namrata Pradhan

MD Psychiatry

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Hello, your symptoms point towards anxiety. Since you are a young person it's even more important to find out the cause of your symptoms before it is too late. please visit a doctor and get your assessment done. Take care

Answered 10 months ago
HD Medical Team

यस्तो हुने कारण धेरै हुन्छन! anxiety को कारण , थाईराइड हर्मनको गडबडी आदीले पनि यस्तो हुन सक्छ! एकपटक चिकित्स्सकलाइ भेटेर विस्तृतमा परिक्षण गराउदा राम्रो हुन्छ! ऐले अनलाइनमार्फत चिकित्सकसंग थप परामर्श लिनाको लागी यो लिंकमा जानुह्होला:

Answered 10 months ago

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