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on 31/7/19

I brush my teeth day and and use फिटकिरी पानी. But also my breath is very faulty. What can I do to minumize the smell.

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Gum Bleeding ne huncha. Top right ko gum ma ghau jasto ne cha 2-3 week bhayo niko hudaina. Brush garda ne bleeding huncha.

Answered on 1/8/19
Dr. Harish Kumar Shah

Periodontology and Oral Implantology (MDS)

90% of the causes of bad breath are oral diseases and the rest 10% are due to systemic diseases. Among oral diseases tongue coat, periodontal disease and caries etc are caused. Maintaining good oral hygiene is a good idea but can't solve your problem. Please consult nearby Periodontist. For this or any related query, u can take an appointment with my assistant for Dr Harish Kumar shah, BDS, MDS( Periodontist and Oral Implantology) 9841565729

Answered on 31/7/19

Drink plenty of water and avoid junk foods. You can use gargle too in the evening. Brush twice daily. If its not resolving please visit to some dentist. Thanks

Answered on 31/7/19

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