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mero around aajako 50 days agadi miscarriage vayo so aile baby Narakhne vanera pills khane Dr le malai recommend garnu vayo malai 35 around days samma discharge gairakhyo ultrasound garauda kei pani thiyena patheghar ma clean vako thiyo but discharge continue thiyo ekkasi bleeding vayo period jasto thiyo normal ani 5 days ma stop vayo sabai discharge bleeding sabai tespachi 5 days ma I start taking that pill 21 days ko ( LEVONORGESTREL AND ETHINYLOESTRADIOL Tablet I.P LOTTE) name ko …. regular lidai cha is there any chance I can get pregnant feri yo lida lidai pani testo huncha ra ?? please help me

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Dear user, if you would like to consult online with the doctor, please go through the link below,

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