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2 months ago

i have been taking ppi for gerd. Is it possible to develop pancreatitis by using ppi?[main question]. My fibre intake is lower than required and i have been having a bowel problems too. my total biliburin level is 2.1

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Dr. Rabindra Tamang

MBBS, MS General Surgery (BPKIHS , Topper), 2 Years of practice

नमस्कार । PPI ले pancreatitis गराउदैन । बरु हामी pancreatitis भएको बिरामिको उपचार गर्दा PPI को प्रयोग चाहिँ गर्छौ । धन्यबाद। डा. रविन्द्र

Answered 2 months ago

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