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I am 32 years old. 5 days ago, I had a cake defreezed and i rided bike in rain and storm. that night i felt uncomfortable in chest and breathing problem. another day i went to physician and tested sugar, pressure, oxygen, xray etc. everything was good and provided me zulid 500 for 5 days, pantaprazole, zinc and vit D. And i did PCR too and came negative. But i am taking steam and drinking hot water regularly. Today it is 6th day and feeling little bit ok. But still little pain like happens in chest. Not the major type. Only Uncomfortable type. breathing is ok. Is it due to cold or what? i had No fever, no headache, no common cold, no cough from initial. I have just nasal congestion while taking steam.

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Dear user, if you would like to consult online with the doctor, please go through the link below;

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