How to lower blood pressure naturally and quickly?  

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High blood pressure has become a common disease all over the world. It is a common risk factor to a multitude of disease processes including various cardiovascular diseases like: heart attack, stroke and kidney diseases. Though very familiar and much less dreaded, people are often very unwilling to take lifelong medicines for the same.

Medicines however are an add-on to the therapy of high blood pressure. Most recent guidelines on blood pressure control recommend lifestyle modifications along with medications at every stage of the therapy. Here is what you could try at the comfort of your own home.

A blood pressure of 120/80 mm of Hg is considered normal. Above that level in multiple readings adjusted to your age, gender and other conditions is considered high blood pressure.

Here are the home remedies you may try initially or along with medicines to lower the blood pressure.

1. Reduce the salt intake:

High salt in diet is major culprit for the increasing blood pressure. It absorbs more water that increases the vascular volume and keeps the blood pressure high. Less than 5 gram of table salt per day is what recommended by World Health Organization for the optimum health conditions.

2. Exercise and workup much

Exercise and sweating your body by work ups is the best thing you can do to lower the blood pressure. 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week will help to decrease the blood pressure. Not only that, it will help to make you fit and slim too.

3. Say no to junks and fast food

Fast food and junks are high calorie food with much of salts. You should say "no" to the junk and fast foods as it may aid in increasing the blood pressure.

5. Avoid smoking and alcohol

You must avoid cigarattes and alcohol from the day you have noticed that you have high blood pressure. 

6. Learn to manage stress:

Its obvious that stress and anxiety will boost up our blood pressure. Make habit of managing it on your own. Relax, go for yoga and meditations. Take a glass of lukewarm water and a deep breath when you feel stressed.

7. Avoid sugary drinks:

Caned and bottled high sugar contating drinks should be avoided for lowering the blood pressure.

8. Lose weight:

Losing weight is key for preventing from the non communicable diseases including high blood pressure.

9. Follow DASH diet plan:

Adopting DASH diet is also vital for controlling blood pressure. This approach suggests high fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products in order to reduce blood pressure at home. Taking potassium rich foods like banana, oranges, spinach and broccoli also helps to control the blood pressure.   

10. Make a habit of charting your blood pressure

Blood pressure is a thing that fluctuates every day; even in minutes. So keep habit of recording the blood pressure and making a chart by measuring it at least thrice a week. Show it to your physician while visiting as it may help to plan in starting the blood pressure lowering medicines

When should you take medicines?

Let this to be decided by your doctor. Strictly follow the doctor's advice in starting the medicines. These home remedies are just an add on along with medicines. So only this may not lower the blood pressure in most of time.

Its worth taking a tablet a day than be suffered from paralysis due to stroke or be on life time dialysis due to kidney disease.

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