Follow these simple measures to get rid of dark circles in eyes!   

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Eyes are the one of the first things people notice while meeting any new person. Lines and dark circles around eyes have become major health concern of females these days as it may make them look older and tired.

What causes dark circles around eyes?

  • Fatigue: Oversleeping, staying up past your normal bedtime
  • Age: Skin becomes loose and thinner with age, dark blood vessels becomes more visible
  • Eye strain: Staring at mobile or computer screen causes blood vessels to dilate
  • Dehydration: Eyes looks deep and sunken when body lacks water
  • Overexposure of sunlight

How to get rid of dark circles on eyes?

There are natural and medical methods to keep dark circles away from your eyes. 

Natural methods

Practice following natural methods for keeping your eyes away from dark circles:

Apply cold compress: Apply a cloth dampen with cold water over eyes or pack some ice cubes within the cloth and apply on eyes.
Tea bags: Your eyes too love tea. Soak two tea bags in hot water. Squeeze excess liquid and apply as warm compress. Place them on eyes for few minutes.
Check your thyroid hormone level: Sometimes thyroid disorders can also cause hyper pigmentation. 
Don’t compromise your sleep: Allow yourself 7 to 8 hours of sleep everyday to prevent dark circles.
Stay hydrated: Refill yourself with water or drinks every few hours 
Quit smoking: Smoking causes darkening of your whole skin especially those around your eyes

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Medical methods

You need to visit the skin doctor for the medical treatment. Your dermatologist may perform following different procedures as per the need and requirement:

  • Chemical peels: It is controlled wearing of upper layer of skin removes dark pigmented skin.
  • Laser surgery: It resurfaces the skin and enhances tightening of skin.
  • Fillers: In this process skin under the eyes filled is with collagen which tightens droopy eyelids.
  • Bleaching creams: Various creams containing caffeine, vitamin B3, Vitamin A, C, E can be recommended by your skin doctor.

When to see doctor?

  • Before using bleaching cream or any medicine around eyes
  • If you are looking toward any surgical procedures to remove them
  • If dark circles are lowering your confidence and hindering your life

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